While Enjoying Everything That MyTrips360 Offers

You too can be a part of a program that provides a valuable service to your family, friends, followers, or associates wanting to traveling for less.  With our commission program, you can make hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year in commissions based on the amount of people that use the program through you!

If your clients live abroad, the included Telemedicine service gives them free access to an American, Board Certified physician, any time from any country.  A 24/7 Personal Concierge helps them book events, dinners and activities as any concierge would.  And last but not least, a 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance Service provides an invaluable resource for anyone traveling outside of the country.

Here's How It Works:

•   MyTrips360 will provide you with your own link and promo code that can be placed on all of your social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
•   MyTrips360 will send you a simple banner ad, or use your photo to embed into the banner ad for better results.
•   MyTrips360 will waive setup and monthly costs.
•   MyTrips360 will also give 25% of all booking charges.
•   Commissions average around $10 per person per year. Plus MyTrips360 will give a portion of our revenue from your program to the charity of your choice.
•   MyTrips360 will provide a dedicated branded 24/7 line.
•   The program is quick and easy to implement.