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eStreamTV brings the benefit of rich content to cord cutters through an interactive streaming experience, while being a reliable and secure solution at an affordable price.



Why Choose eStreamTV?


eStreamTV provides a fully-managed, cloud-enabled, interactive guest experience that creates a competitive advantage for each property. eStreamTV establishes a revenue positive business solution by connecting the property, guests and community.

  • Free To Guest/Interactive TV Program Guide Program 
  • Minimizes Free-To-Guest Monthly Bill For Properties
  • Save Up To $9 Per Room Per Month On Your Free to Guest Channels
  • No Money Upfront
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees
  • Free Interactive TV Guide
  • Over 26 International Channels
  • Over 500 Live TV Channels
  • Over 100,000 TV On Demand, and Hundreds of Movie Titles
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Interactive Program Guide


Our IPG features direct tuning of selected channels from the guide in addition to a live feed displaying the current channel. When watching television, eStreamTV's on screen display includes the ability to surf through programming information without having to tune endlessly. As hotels add more and more Free-To-Guest channels, an IPG is imperative. Navigating large line-ups without a guide is highly frustrating for guests. In addition to the dynamic listing of current and pending programs, guests can filter by channel genre. These features give guests the same functionality they are used to at home, now in a hotel.



The eStreamTV Connection


  • Our channels are delivered via our in-room set top box.
  • We stream the content on a secure dedicated internet connection architected to coincide with existing cable plant.
  • No servers are needed on-site for this platform.
  • We provide FREE technical support.
  • We train designated staff on all aspects of the system during installation.



Content On Demand


The comforts and options of home entertainment are now available in your hotel. Guests can browse a vast array of theatrical digital-only exclusives and  Hollywood content, in addition to kids content, wellness content and late night offerings. With Cover Flow navigation, guests can find what they want faster. All content supports movie save points, giving guests the ability to save purchased content for later viewing during their stay. Resuming content on any TV in the guests room is also supported.



Hotel Information


eStreamTV is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to reach guests 24/7, with the ability to promote multiple “Hotel Services,” such as the spa, golf course, restaurants or “On the Town” highlights. Using our online management tool, eStreamTV App Cloud, you can add, delete and modify existing hotel information screens. We also provide multiple layout templates to best suit your needs. Making updates to your own content has never been so easy and intuitive.



Go Ahead and Live a Little…
Cut the Cord and Start Streaming


There is an increasing demand for affordable and flexible Streaming Content for the cord cutters in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU’s), homes and usage on mobile devices. Provide your residents with unique programming and live streaming content, without the unsightly look of window antennas and the high cost of cable or satellite service. Our dynamic package delivers live streaming TV of top national broadcast shows and movies you are used to seeing on cable service. This lineup is further enhanced by a cinema package option that can be added for a small additional fee.

Fully customize the experience to meet your property's needs. MDU Property types include (but not limited to):

  • Condos
  • HOA
  • Universities
  • Senior Living



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