About Us

EStreamTV brings the benefit of local access and global reach to travelers and hotels through an interactive experience, while being a reliable and secure solution at an affordable price. Our guest-oriented solution enables a content-rich, personalized and mobile experience for the hospitality industry.


With the EStreamTV platform, guests can now have their entire travel itinerary all at their fingertips.


We provide every guest with access to hotel information, businesses in or around the property, an innovative TV platform and mobile pairing.


EStreamTV provides a unique way for hoteliers to increase their revPAR by providing a secure and scalable system.


EStreamTV's creative advertising platform is leading the industry with an intuitive local business strategy, linking hotel guests with local merchants in or around each location.

Why Us?

Not just because we are awesome!

EStreamTV provides a fully-managed, cloud-enabled, interactive guest experience that creates a competitive advantage for each property. EStreamTV establishes a revenue positive business solution by connecting the property, guests and community.

New Revenue Channel

We provide a low-risk recurring revenue model that increases revPar and the intent to return.

Enhanced Guest Experience

EStreamTV creates intuitive, personalized, feature-rich, and interactive guest services.

Improves Operational Efficiencies

Enables real-time staff and network efficiencies for each property.

Managed Risk

Proven business model trial before acceptance.

Product and Features

EStreamTV Features

In-Room Experience

EStreamTV is the premier digital in-room experience allowing guests to access numerous features from the TV's in their hotel rooms. Below we have listed a few of our favorite features

Interactive Program Guide

Our IPG features direct tuning of selected channels from the guide in addition to a live feed displaying the current channel. When watching television, EStreamTV's on screen display includes the ability to surf through programming information without having to tune endlessly. As hotels add more and more Free-To-Guest channels, an IPG is imperative. Navigating large line-ups without a guide is highly frustrating for guests. In addition to the dynamic listing of current and pending programs, guests can filter by channel genre. These features give guests the same functionality they are used to at home, now in a hotel.

In-Room Media Sharing

Today’s typical Guest currently carries multiple mobile devices other than their laptop. Allowing guests to easily find and securely share personal content wirelessly within a hotel room, hasn’t been available until now. EStreamTV includes an Access Point (AP) capable of generating a direct one-to-one Wi-Fi network including a custom SSID and password for each guest. This functionality creates an in-room device network with support for Airplay and DNLA media sharing. With EStreamTV's Media Sharing, guests can share photo memories, play music, share the latest viral clip on YouTube or watch full length movies streaming directly from their personal devices.

Content On-Demand

The comforts and options of home entertainment are now available in your hotel. Guests can browse a vast array of pre-theatrical digital-only exclusives and still-in-theatre Hollywood content, in addition to kids content, wellness content and late night offerings. All purchases are available for 24 hours and now with Cover Flow navigation, guests can find what they want faster. All content supports movie save points, giving guests the ability to save purchased content for later viewing during their stay. Resuming content on any TV in the guests room is also supported.

Hotel Information

EStreamTV is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to reach guests 24/7, with the ability to promote multiple “Hotel Services,” such as the spa, golf course, restaurants or “On the Town” highlights. Using our online management tool, EStreamTV App Cloud, you can add, delete and modify existing hotel information screens. We also provide multiple layout templates to best suit your needs. Making updates to your own content has never been so easy and intuitive!